Day2Day VA - Your Everyday Virtual Assistant

Are you a small or medium business owner who would love to have a Personal or Executive Assistant, but can't justify another FTE? Perhaps you're drowning in admin and need someone to get your online filing sorted, or generate your monthly invoices and send them to your clients. Maybe you know how important it is to manage your social media presence but you just don't have the time to spend on managing all of your social accounts. 

With Day2Day VA your assistant is now only a phone call or email away. We are your Everyday Virtual Assistant. That person who you can call on at a moment's notice to get some important meetings booked in, or ask for help when you realise you've forgotten to RSVP to that product launch. And when you find out you have to be in another state tomorrow for a meeting and you don't have time to book flights and accommodation. We're here to help you with the day to day stuff, the little but important things that take up your valuable time; time you could be spending better elsewhere.


Executive & Personal Assistant

High level Executive and Personal Assistance for SMEs. Do you wish you had someone you could trust and rely on to keep you organised? We specialise in providing seamless support, with exceptional attention to detail, to ensure all the pieces fit together, allowing you to focus on running your business. 

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Administrative & Marketing Support

The devil is in the detail - and we love detail! Our administrative support means that you can be confident that the little things are taken care of; all the important things that are critical to the successful running of your business, but take up time that you could be spending on more profitable tasks.

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Content Creation, Writing & Editing

Not everyone can write like Hemmingway, but our in-house writer, editor and content specialist can turn your words into a modern day classic! We can assist you with regular blog posts, content creation, e-book copywriting, LinkedIn articles and any other content you need written or edited.

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Social Media Management

We get social media and understand how important a consistent online presence is. We can set up your accounts, create your social media calendar, write and schedule your content and manage your replies and interactions.


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